Korea‘s Kim Jongwoo crowned Mister Global 2019

by - September 28, 2019

Korea‘s Kim Jongwoo was just crowned Mister Global 2019! The finals of the pageant were held last September 26 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Kim Jongwoo bested 37 other contestants from around the globe, including runner ups from Tunisia, Spain, and Switzerland.

The 23-year old is taking up his bachelor’s degree in police administration. He showed off his good looks and toned physique in the runway and photo shoot sessions.

As the theme of the pageant was “Inspiring Gentleman”, Jongwoo was chosen by the pageant’s panel of judges for being the best fit to be an “inspirational role model for young men all around the world.”

Mister Global is a 4-year old male beauty pageant which ultimately promotes environmental awareness. The money earned from this year’s pageant will go to the care for endangered elephants in Thailand.

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